RNDM-BMX Boyz and girlz range!

Filling in the Clothing Gap not just for the BMX Boyz, but now even the BMX girlz.

As we continue on from the last article there must be mention that the latest mascot known as Ms SnEaKy SMIRK took quite a bit of time before finally making her official debut. This was thanks to looking into a way of somewhat allowing for her to share a lot of Mr SnEaKy SMIRK’s features but at the same time keeping in mind that she also needed to be quite Unique and Original as well as displaying herself as feminine to the core.

So without further a do, feel invited in taking a nose dive into how it all began.

A short prequel adding from the last article.

Coming back from the Adventure Ride was sure fun and had it’s perks including the interesting discovery of a possible clothing range dedicated to those of the feminine figure.

However, it did not take until around mid December time before the idea was very much considered seriously as there where things to be looked into followed by a whole heap of what to do’s…..

This sort of thing included a makeover from the Original Mr SnEaKy SMIRK to a more feline Ms SnEaKy SMIRK so as to portray some sort of dedicated figure for those with softer voices.

So as we look back at it all, let it be known as to what and how this actually really began…..

The Official Beginning of Ms SnEaKy.

It was the 8th of December 2020 when a brand new Ad was placed onto a talent searching website calling out for a Heterosexual couple including One Fit Male and one fit female to help out with a Charity type gig.

As bit’s and pieces where being ordered for the event including custom designed T-Shirt’s, it was time to try and put it all together and make this thing actually happen.

A few weeks left before the Event date, there was a massive realisation that indeed the Custom T-Shirt’s where actually wrong. You see, the famous hashtag at the rear did not fully mention the event’s name, and, the girl’s rose Tee Top needed a female mascot at the Front, the Back and the Sleeves rather then the Male Mascot that represented BMX for the Boys.

After turning on the Laptop and doing some googling for both girl’s hair style’s and lips, slowly but surely Mr SnEaKy SMIRK was duplicated and began being reformed and reshaped into a feminine type character adding some short brown feminine type hair and some little luscious feminine lips.

As she was slowly formed into what was thought to be quite ideal, she was then added to the RNDM-BMX Logo and had her very own unique Pinkish type background for the Sticker range.

Realising that it would be best to update the Custom Charity type Tee’s, I jumped onto the website redesigning them and finally ordered a new set with the fully written out HashTag’s on both while adding the new feminine logo-ed mascot on the girls rose type Tee.

Unfortunately after all the effort that had been poured into everything though, there where many unsuitable circumstances that finalised the cancellation of the Charity Event. So after all that, the Charity Event was regrettably cancelled for 2020 and was planning to be rescheduled for the following year.

Meanwhile, at around the same time that the clothing was being designed for the Charity Event, there was also clothing being designed for some future modelling ventures which was planned to have some girl’s hired out promoting the brand new range.

As Christmas was a little less then a month away, the Big order of Boys and girls clothing finally arrived. This allowed some creative juices to flow so as to know what and how to film for this new venture.

A new future with the new mascot (Updated 2021)

As the new year 2021 approached, there was not too much time to lose as RNDM-BMX got straight to work making contact with all sort’s of different girl model’s giving them a chance to get involved with promoting the latest clothing range.

And here is what happened……


So to all the BMX Boys out there wanting to encourage their girlies to take out her 20" wheels, feel like you can do so with something from one of the store links below, as after all. What better way to hang with your female friend or feminine companion then on a BMX Bike.


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